Shelving SystemsIndustrial Shelving

Our Shelving offers a unique combination of strength & durability, ease of installation, and surprising economy. With it’s attractive appearance it’s also highly versatile, handling tasks from the storeroom to the showroom.

Key Benefits:industrial shelving

  • Innovative compression clip system is key to boltless construction- clips are simply inserted into slots in t-posts, providing a load bearing surface to support each shelf corner. Unique design ensures clips are both easy to install and reposition, but stay securely in place once installed.
  • Cleverly designed T-post design maximizes useable shelf space, while offering clean, un-punched front face, for superior appearance and additional rigidity
  • A complete range of optional features with open or closed shelving units, to build a storage system that efficiently utilizes your cubic space.
  • Optional bin shelving accommodates small items, and allows high number of SKU’s to be stored.
  • Our shelving is so strong that it can support multi-level pick towers!industrial shelving
  • All our steel shelves offers increased load capacity and durability.
  • Quality “double lap” finishing on posts and shelves eliminates hazard of rough metal edges.
  • Building mezzanine levels is easy with specialized mezzanine brackets and support channels.
  • Splice brackets permits extending posts to add additional levels.
  • Automatic stock rotation – first item in is first item out.
  • Accessibility – cases stocked at the rear automatically roll to the front.
  • No congestion – pickers work in front, re-stockers in rear.
  • Inventory control – stock quantity is easily determined.
  • Minimal supervision – long, straight aisles make it easier to supervise and direct workers.
  • More accurate picking – improved organization of goods reduces picking errors.
  • Dollar savings – better return on investment than with any other picking system