Picking SystemsMulti-Level Pick Modules

The pick module is a multi-level rack structure that utilizes various selective racking components integrated with a variety of product flow components and conveyor systems to provide both full pallet storage and small carton flow and picking functions.

This system provides dense storage of pallets and cartons, and facilitates the compilation of multiple SKU orders. When storage and retrieval space is at a premium, multi level pick modules answer the call.


  • Rack Structure – Technirack Storage Solutions engineered rack uprights and beams are designed to support all aspects of the multi level pick system and provide storage of full pallet loads to replenish pick locations.
  • Flooring – Decking can include galvanized open steel plank, steel bar and rod and roof deck and mezzdeck overlay.
  • Stairways – All stairways are structurally built to code with handrails and kickplates.
  • Pallet Flow – Offers FIFO storage for full pallets.
  • Carton Flow – Offers full and broken case storage picking functions for order fulfillment.
  • Shelving – Storage facilities for small parts and less frequent SKU’s.
  • Conveyor System – facilitates the flow of picked product to shipping locations