High Density RackingPallet Runner®

Pallet Runner® provides our clients high density storage while providing maximum selectivity. The system has consistently provided clients unparalleled storage space utilization for an investment that is comparable to traditional racking systems. Working in conjunction with your existing lift truck fleet, Pallet Runner® will provide unlimited flexibility in maximizing your warehouse storage space.

How it Works

Pallet Runner® is a state of the art semi-automated cart used to load and unload deep lanes of pallet storage, enabling the operator to carry out multiple tasks.

The Pallet Runner® Carts can be placed or moved into any lane by means of a fork lift. Once the cart has been placed into the appropriate lane, the operator uses a radio transmitter to instruct the Cart to perform the command given. The operator may drive away to retrieve or deliver another pallet while the Pallet Runner® works on its own.

Pallet Runner® is a self contained unit powered by 4 heavy duty quick change batteries. Each set of batteries will provide the client up to 10 complete operating hours before charging is required. Each cart comes equipped with a second set of batteries enabling the cart to run continuously. The cart has a 4 wheel drive system, ideal for freezer applications, this enables the system to be used in temperatures as low as -23°C or -10° F.


First-in First-out (FIFO)

pallet runner fifo application

The Pallet Runner® GEN3 Cart is used to load pallets from one end of the storage system and retrieved from the other end of the system to create a FIFO environment.

Last-in First-out (LIFO)

first in last out application

Pallets are loaded into the system using the Pallet Runner® GEN3 from main aisles. This allows storage systems to be much deeper pallet positions than other high density systems. This creates the shortest distance possible from loading dock to the system creating a high rate of lift truck productivity; the Pallet Runner® GEN3 cart either retrieves or puts the pallet in position freeing the operator to perform another task.

Case Picking

pallet runner case pick application

The Pallet Runner® GEN3 Cart can be used in conjunction with other storage systems including Case Pick environments such as Technirack Pallet Flow. High density storage is achieved in the upper levels while case picking occurs in corridors through the system.

80 – 20 Rule

pallet runner 80 20 rule

The Pallet Runner® GEN3 storage system works in conjunction with a picking system maintaining the 80 – 20 Rule; whereby 20% of your sku’s represent 80% of your volume, and 80% of your sku’s represent 20% of your volume. The lower portion, or 20% of skus, of the system utilizes a pallet flow (roller) system for continual pallet loading and retrieval. The upper portion of the system utilizes the Pallet Runner® GEN3 system for the 80% of your skus.