Picking SystemsPick-To-Light Systems

Technirack Storage Solutions has partnered with The KingWay Material Handling Co., the leader in the design, development and implementation of order selection systems, to provide state-of-the-art computer-aided, paperless picking systems.

CAPSTM Computer Assisted Picking Systems, commonly called “pick-to-light” or “light-pick” systems substitute a network of lighted display modules for a paper pick list. These systems can be integrated seamlessly with client’s in-house order management systems or their third-party provided warehouse automation system.

The Concept is Simple

pick-to-light system

A set of lighted display modules are mounted on the face of the flow rack, shelving unit, or alternative storage/pick structure, so that each pick location has an associated display module. A pick indicator light directs the order picker’s attention to each pick bin where a pick is required. The digital display indicates the number of units to be picked. The integrated push-button allows the picker to report his actions to the system. The Picker can indicate if a particular item was picked complete or incomplete and communicate the quantity which must be backordered. The pick list can be eliminated. Both of the picker’s hands are free. The time usually required to read a pick list and search for items is now available to complete more picks, and the benefits are even more far-reaching.


The instant feedback from CAPS Spectrum can drive a real-time inventory system and this information can be used to automatically drive stock replenishment of the picking area as minimum stock levels are reached. In most operations, the opportunity to produce an accurate packing list or invoice, sorted by SKU number rather than sequence, at the time of shipment would be considered an unattainable goal. CAPS Spectrum delivers all this and more.

CAPS Spectrum Overview

The primary goal of CAPS Spectrum or any pick-to-light system is to turn the picking operation into a high throughput order pipeline. The system virtually eliminates paper in the warehouse and, as a result, substantially reduces picking errors. Order pickers can achieve higher Unit per Hour (“UPH”) productivity in CAPS Spectrum system since their activity is limited to the well-directed, efficient, and dedicated task of picking product. Once a person is trained to use the system, usually in less than half an hour, individual picking productivity can be improved substantially over that found in traditional paper based operations.

The CAPS Spectrum system is a full function, stand alone order picking processor. The system’s primary functions are:

  • Receive the order picking Demand from a host system
  • Control order Release and Progression
  • Report on order fulfillment Status changes to the Host

The CAPS Spectrum system can be interfaced directly to the client’s Host computer, or to an intermediate system and other order processing systems.

Based on the material handling system in use and the client’s warehouse and distribution organization, CAPS Spectrum can be configured to operate in several different modes to improve overall pick productivity. Once orders are launched, they will proceed through the picking where they are tracked to completion.

Please contact us to learn more about what Technirack Storage Solutions and pick-to-light can do to improve current operation