Pallet RackingSelective Racking

selective racking system

Selective Pallet Rack is otherwise called Single Selective Rack, and is spread out in consecutive columns isolated by access paths for lift trucks.

Made with top quality steel and best in class producing innovation, Technirack Storage Solutions Selective Rack goes through stringent quality control.


Narrow Aisle Selective Racking

A “Narrow Aisle” layout, utilizing specialized reach lift trucks can reduce aisles, typically by about 25%.

Very Narrow Aisle Selective Racking (VNA)

A further approximately 15% can be saved, with a “Very Narrow Aisle” (VNA) layout, utilizing specialized “swing reach” or “turret” trucks. VNA layouts are ideal for where space is very expensive (e.g. temperature controlled environments).

They are also useful where there are insufficient pick slots at ground level. In such cases, a man-up order picker truck can be used for elevated order picking on both sides of the aisle.

Key Benefits:

  • All the pallets can be accessed by a regular lift truck
  • Ideal for slow and medium movers
  • Maximum flexibility – if slots are assigned randomly, as soon as one is empty, it can be filled
  • No specialized lift trucks required.


(Over floor or bulk stacking)

  • Minimum doubling of storage capacity
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced damage
  • Fewer picking errors
  • Improved turnaround times, leading to better customer service