Pallet RackingStructural Racking

Selective pallet racks are an effective method of storing pallets one deep from the aisle while utilizing the vertical space.

Konstant® manufactures an assortment of standard structural components for selective pallet racking. We produce both a welded and a bolted truss with four basic columns. This combination provides us with 50 standard frames in various depths and heights. One such truss, the TCER, is one of our heavy duty trusses with a built-in ½” thick crash guard running the full depth of the base.

Konstant® patented standard beams are available in a variety of channels manufactured to different lengths. This allows us the flexibility to engineer a solution for our customers needs. Our no weld bracket connection along with the drift pin bolt connection provides a mechanical interference fit that is unequalled in performance and strength to a standard welded bracket.

We offer an array of accessories such as our abuse resistant C-base (see below)and our patented lock-in cross bar to solve our customers needs.


  • Selectivity: 100% of all pallets are accessible to the fork lift operator. This properly used system averages an occupancy rate of 98%.
  • This system works with most types of forklifts. Floor pallets can be accessed with a pallet jack or fork lift. All vertical levels can be used as a pick location.
  • Durability: Bolted beams and cross bars reduces the possibility of accidental dislodgement of components from fork lift operators.
  • Inventory Control: Provides the capacity required for heavy loads or high applications. Structural with stands greater abuse than a roll form rack.
  • F.I.F.O can be achieved since all pallets are accessible.

structural frame
truss upright for grocery industry
boltless safety bar


structural cbase for pallet rackingThe Konstant® truss with a C-Base design option is an effective yet inexpensive solution to all frontal impact damage from forktruck equipment. The truss incorporates a coped column channel as the bottom horizontal brace member with a full-length weld along the channel’s web and flanges. It also features a secondary upright channel member recessed behind the truss’ front column that links an extended baseplate to the bottom horizontal channel brace. This compact base assembly provides superior resistance to skewed impact forces on the front column by utilizing the flexural strength of the bottom channel member to is advantage.


  • No aisle interference
  • Heavy Duty Bottom horizontal
  • Impact resistant front and side
  • Keeps the column from twisting or rotating
  • Includes Heavy Duty ¾” anchor.