Picking SystemsCarton Flow


Roller Style

Span-Track full-width roller carton flow track can be added to any new or existing pallet rack – no shelves or intermediate supports are required. Tracks can easily be picked up and moved or rearranged to suit your SKU’s.

These full-width flow tracks are extremely robust and durable allowing loading capacities of up to 50 lbs/lineal foot while also providing outstanding real world abuse resistance. The full-width ¾” diameter rollers are made from tempered aluminum and spin on full length 3/16” diameter steel axles. The roller/axle assemblies are fixed to galvanized steel support channels helping provide a remarkably efficient yet cost-effective carton flow product.

The full-width rollers provide evenly distributed contact with the carton eliminating hang-ups and as a result provide great product flow throughout your system. Span-Track allows the versatility of utilizing your pallet racking bays above your Span-Track picking faces to be utilized for storing pallet loads of material for replenishment of the SKU’s within the carton flow.

We offer five different models of Span-Track full-width roller track. Optional carton tilt trays and adjustable picking trays are available to suit your needs.


  • Quality design ensures that it can withstand even rough applications
  • Seamless and unobstructed roll ability
  • Excellent lane tracking and re-starting – no sticking even when cartons sit for long periods of time

Bed Style

Our bed style carton flow system offers ease of assembly, great versatility and great product flow all of the time. Whether you feed product in cartons, trays or plastic totes you will always have easy access to your products for full case or split case picking. Our carton flow system is cost-effective, easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free.

Bed style carton flow systems consist of two main components – the bed structure itself and the wheel track that fits within it. The bed structure, wheel tracks, guides, etc are shipped in knocked down form to the site and assembled on-site by the customer or installation crew. The bed structure can be ordered with various intermediate beams that allow tailoring of the bed capacity to suit your product loads. All of the bed structure main components and wheel tracks are made from cold-formed galvanized steel making for a virtually maintenance free product that is well suited to freezer and cooler environments.

The entire bed structure and track system can be assembled without the use of tools. Plastic end caps are used to protect users from any sharp edges at the ends of the side members. All items simply snap into place. Wheel tracks can easily be positioned or repositioned for varying size SKU’s within the bed itself.

We offer a universal connector that allows the flow beds to installed into any rack manufacturers pallet racking. On taller systems this allows the bottom level of racking to be used for picking with flow beds and the racking bays above to be used for standard pallet storage.

The real advantage of carton flow beds is the ability for them to adapt to the various size boxes, cartons and totes used by the customer. This can give you additional storage space because little or no space is wasted which could be the case with full width roller style track. You can “profile” the bed to suit exactly what you need for a multitude of various carton sizes on the same bed and if your SKU’s are changing throughout the year the tracks ca be adjusted to suit those changes.

Carton Flow Beds and picking systems designed around and incorporating carton flow beds offer the following advantages:

  • Increased picking performance vs. bin type shelving
  • Ergonomic designs can easily be accommodated when used in conjunction with conveyor systems
  • Less operator fatigue due to less walking
  • Automatic and accurate stock rotation and control on a First-In-First-Out basis
  • No energy consumption
  • All cartons are easily accessible at the front of the racking
  • No maintenance costs
  • Taller pallet racking systems incorporating carton flow at the bottom can use the storage bays above for reserve or replenishment stock
  • Product can be replenished at the back of the flow beds without disturbing the pickers at the front
  • Can easily accommodate Pick-To-Light systems

Optional Tilt Trays are available that better “present” the product for spilt case picking. Tilt Trays or Inclined Front Trays allow better access and give greater visibility of product within the cartons or totes when picking individual items. This allows easy visibility and retrieval of items such as bottles and cosmetic and dairy products. Tilt Trays are easily installed on the system with a minimum of tools required.

At the back of the system Impact Trays can be incorporated that help protect the wheel tracks from damage at the loading or charge end of the system. Entry guides can also be installed at the back or charge end of the system that help distinguish product lanes.

The wheel tracks are made from cold formed galvanized steel. The tracks will not open under heavy loads due to their unique construction; this makes them extremely robust for dealing with the extra loads put on the charge or loading end of the system. Rollers are made from High Density polyethylene.

For exceptionally deep systems we offer full length guides that keep product flowing straight through to the discharge or pick side if the system.


  • Increased picking performance
  • Easy assembly without tools or fasteners
  • Decreased operator fatigue due to less walking
  • No energy consumption
  • All cartons are easily accessible at the front of the racking
  • No maintenance costs
  • Easily installed in new or existing pallet racking systems
  • Product can be replenished at the back of the flow beds without disturbing the pickers at the front
  • Can easily accommodate Pick-To-Light Systems

Skate Wheel Style

Skate wheel beds consist of a uniform set of evenly spaced flow wheels throughout the bed. The flow wheels can be either plastic or steel and are typically 1.9” in diameter and have a continuous steel axle running across the bed. Re-profiling for changing SKU sizes isn’t necessary because the carton or bin is consistently supported throughout the bed – the product will always flow well from back to front.

Ideal for environments where SKU sizes are continuously changing because nothing needs to be changed or moved once the bed has been installed. This product thrives in abusive environments such as heavy automotive parts, canned goods, beverages, building hardware, etc where heavy loads are continually being applied.

Plastic wheel systems are rated for 25lbs/sq.ft and steel wheel systems are rated for 50 lbs/sq.ft.

Skate wheel beds can be custom manufactured to fit into new or existing pallet racking as well as into new or existing carton flow beds. Heavy duty front tilt shelves and impact trays can be ordered as options.


  • Works extremely well in harsh, abusive environments
  • Allows simultaneous use of multiple box sizes on the same shelf
  • No re-profiling necessary for changing SKU sizes
  • Can be installed in new or existing pallet racking or carton flow shelves
  • Works well even with inferior quality boxes